How Digital Marketing can help your business during the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) pandemic

01.04.2020 by Admin

As the whole world is witnessing a pandemic, small, medium and large-scale businesses have taken a huge hit!

As a business owner, you are most likely looking out for ways to keep your business afloat and survive this tough tide!

During this Coronavirus quarantine, Digital Marketing can help bring your customers to you without ever having to visit you in person.

With Digital Marketing, you can make your brand gain the attention you desire and build your online reputation. Level your playing field by improving the way you sell your products in an innovative and creative manner.

Wondering how to get started? Look no further! Here are few tips to retain your business with digital marketing.

1. Engage and build your relationship with your clients via social media.

With governments encouraging people to stay at home, there has been a significant increase in online activity. Let’s keep in mind that this is a sensitive time and a time to really support one another.

Pushing people to buy your products in a direct way might project the wrong image so it has to be done in a mutually beneficial manner. By connecting with your clients and understanding their needs, you will be able to deliver your product in an empathetic way while also standing out of the crowd and building your reputation amongst your competition.

Also keep in mind that you are a vital part of the society and it is always wonderful to be considerate and give back to the people in any way you can during this difficult time.

2. Be noticeable online

This is a time where people search the internet for their requirements even while at home. Thus, it makes it vital for your online presence to be strong and be the first thing they come across when they look up the products you sell.

Make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to get your web pages ranking to go up on Google’s search engine result page. The higher up you are, the more likely you are to drive the traffic towards your business. This also applies to your social media pages. Your online movement will be your savior!


Time is of the essence to advertise right now as people are more active on the internet. They are looking for updates, news, entertainment, shopping and anything that serves a purpose or helps them kill time.

Investing in Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a right idea at the moment. Advertising helps to reach your target customers and turn them into potential leads. With a decrease in pricing for Cost – Per – Clicks, now is the time to make the most out of your Digital Marketing Budget without having to break the bank!

Driving traffic towards your webpage through advertising gives you a competitive advantage and opportunity to serve your clients with their needs when most businesses have started to pull back.

4. Rise above your competition!

The best thing you can do for your business is consistent Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizing your webpage on a daily basis keeps your ranking on top, making it easier to access and more visible for your leads. Once you have attracted your leads, you are already a step ahead of your competition. Turning those leads into potential customers becomes as easy as a walk in the park if you have done the previous step right.

Your aim has to be the front page of the Google SERP so that when clients search for keywords, your page is the first thing that pops up.

This simple yet effective step could be the difference between your success and your downfall. The key is to not lay back on daily SEO campaign. In fact, there isn’t a better time to dive all in and push forth on your daily optimization as most business tend to cut back on this aspect during this time.

5. Make your come-back phenomenal!

The COVID-19 pandemic will soon come to an end. It has already started to decrease in China where the coronavirus outbreak initially begun. Soon the lives and routines of people will return to normal. Where do you see your business standing during that time? The work you put in right now will make a difference months from now.

Success isn’t a day’s work; it comes from consistent effort. SEO works just like weight-loss! You have got to put the effort every day to witness positive results few months later.

6. Turn your disadvantage into your biggest advantage.

Focus on the things you have control rather than worrying over things that you don’t. It is a tough time for everyone across the globe. Use this opportunity to send love and empathy for those who are suffering.

Show your support for your community by offering discounts on your products. This will help you engage with your customers while keeping your revenue flowing. If you are a product-based industry, announce free home deliveries and provide vouchers that they can redeem anytime they want.

Do anything you can that could benefit and make the lives of your customers easier. Encourage them to stay home while you take care of safely transporting your products to them.

“One of the best qualities that will serve you as an entrepreneur right now is adaptability. By adapting to the ways things are currently, you’re more likely to survive and thrive when it’s over. There may even be an opportunity for business growth” – Kimberly Lucht, Business Coach.

7. Swear by your Local SEO!!!

Work on your Local SEO strategies to optimize your website. This helps your website show up on ‘near me’ searches so that people in your geo region can be alerted on the existence of your business which is at an accessible distance from them. Convenience is what people look for during stressful times; with your local SEO, your business can help provide the service required by your customers and their families.

Do not underestimate what a good review can do for your business. Your online reputation management during a crisis is extremely important to get to your target customers.

Even though Google My Business has suspended it’s services right now, you can push to get your reviews published when it is back online. The efforts you have put towards your clients during a difficult time has a higher probability of bringing you positive reviews. Turn to a professional online reputation management firm to boost your brand and keep your business running successfully.

8. Make Panic your enemy!

During a crisis, panicking shouldn’t be the factor you turn to. Use this time to take a deep breath and analyze the situation thoroughly. Focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot. Use your resources, make a list of pros and cons of the situation and make your move according to it. Remember that every business is going through a similar turbulence and it is not you alone.

The smart move for you to keep your business afloat would be to utilize your Digital Marketing strategies. With everyone staying indoors, access your customers via the internet. You’ve been given the gift of technology; use it!

Connect with your customers online and show them empathy and your support. Panic is never the answer and that has to be your motto while running any business.

9. Prepare for the future.

With the current situation prevailing, you are most likely having extra time on your hands. Use this time to analyze and audit your digital standing. Think about how you can improve your business inside-out.

Your website probably needs a revamp; you may require new business strategies; you’re most likely to work on further optimization of your website by adding or removing few keywords; you may require a mobile app to sell your products and services. Whatever it is that you may require, you have been given the time to work on it.

This is a great time to get a Digital Marketing professional to help audit your website to get a clear idea of what is and isn’t working for you.

10. Firewall and safety

With the increase in online activity, it is only likely that some bad exists amongst the good. It is necessary for your network to have a firewall protection so that you are safe from hackers trying to steal vital information or mess with your business plan.

If your business is largely dependent on online resources, a firewall will guard you against any data theft, viruses, scams and any form of hacking.

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